Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Science Teacher Died on The Racquetball Court

Shit, I have to hurry up and dig some holes for my tarragon, which has grown out of its pots and needs to be planted today or else, but this is important. Take a moment to remember a great man, if only for his patience.

Mr. Johnston did indeed fall dead on the racquetball court.
It would have been a great loss regardless of venue: he had his Moment.

He gave up the idea of teaching me science at Square One, but shared my love of Impressionism and especially Debussy's "Images". I remember one day in my starched shirt, off in the corner of his oversized classroom, from behind a labyrinth of glassware, I walked as calmly and quickly as I could right up to him while he taught class:

"We have to get out of here. I'll help you open the windows".

It's true. read more

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